About Us

Decora Jaya Indonesia has for many years, strived to deliver the best flooring materials from throughout the world. Established in 1989, Decora Jaya Indonesia is well known by many Architects, Contractors, Designers and End Users in the industry to be a reliable and trustworthy supplier of interior furnishings. We provide a variety of commercial carpet products that come in different price ranges. Our carpet tiles and broadloom products are mostly manufactured from the highest Quality of Yarn, which is Solution dyed Antron Lumena Nylon 6.6, making them highly durable and resistant towards stains and dirt.

In addition, for the last 5 years, Decora Jaya Indonesia has been working in partnership with a Shang Hai based factory to manufacture Hand Tufted piece rugs and wall to wall rugs for hospitality requirements, using various materials such as wool, viscose and acrylic to create beautiful handmade works of art. Our services also comprise of printed carpet tiles made from New Zealand Wool or Antron Lumena Nylon 6.6. The carpet now becomes a blank canvas with limitless possibilities for color combinations and designs.

Decora Jaya Indonesia’s close partnership with factories and efficiency at transporting goods, enable us to deliver products on time wherever and whenever they are required. Decora Jaya Indonesia has been for a long time a licensed importer of flooring products and has acquired green light status at Tanjung Priok harbor allowing us to clear items within 1 working day.



With its 26 years of experience in the market, Decora Jaya Indonesia is qualified to handle any scale of project. Consequently we are renowned for our projects with the Jakarta and Medan Airports, Banks such as the Bank of Indonesia, Hotels such as The Four Seasons and several Government offices in Indonesia. In addition to our carpet products, we are also able to provide Wallpapers, hardwood flooring, vinyl, furniture, homogeneous tiles and various other interior products, making us a one stop shop for many of your furnishing requirements.

In Conclusion, Decora Jaya Indonesia takes great pride in prioritizing customer satisfaction and also delights in providing the flexibility you as a client requires in acquiring your choice of interior furnishing.