Decora Jaya Indonesia

Decora does not believe in the impossible although at times it seemed as though situations would have the better of us we pulled through the unthinkable. We just never say no, everything can be done and that is the foundation by which our company has stood on for several years. We will go beyond call when necessary to get our clients what and where they need. Our Priority at Decora is to provide a service that satisfies customers at affordable costs. We enjoy a good challenge and are about sustainability rather than overnight success. With this mentality we ensure our clients with trust over the services we provide. We at Decora also know how to be fair and when opportunity falls to our hands we believe it is due to our dedication and honest treatment towards of our clients.

Design and Performance

When you have chosen a product from Decora, we not only say yes and hand you a bill, but explain you the pros and cons of each product before you purchase it. Decora also offers creative and technical advice for your consideration. To choose from Decora offers an extensive range of beautifully designed products from the highest performing to mid-range items that are truly worth an investment. In order to fully envision a product’s influence on your space we will also assist you with room-scenes and product mock ups. This will give you a sense of fulfillment and assurance that you are acquiring the most suitable product for your space.

Stocked Items

Decora holds a healthy stock of items such as carpet tiles, broadlooms, wallpapers and outdoor furniture. We have carefully selected items of variety that are in with current trends and also versatile enough to fit several types of spaces. Do not hesitate to make an inquiry and we will make that delivery to you within no time.


Whenever you need samples, we are just a call or email away. Decora will provide you with the tools you need for your project.