Decora Jaya Indonesia is a member of the Green Building Council Indonesia and is at the forefront of environmentally friendly carpet distribution in Indonesia. Our choices of products are supplied from facilities that employ production techniques and recycling methods designed for green and sustainable carpet manufacturing.

Brands like Mannington Commercial focus on reducing energy use and increasing energy use from renewable sources. These selected manufacturers are also dedicated to reducing Green House Gas emissions. To ensure the elimination and the release of toxins into the environment, our selected manufacturers have been using on-site waste treatment facilities for many years now.

Conservation continues with the smarter use and reuse of materials. Through such programs our manufacturers are able to divert the waste stream by recycling postconsumer carpet tiles into new carpet backing. Through improved dyeing methodologies our manufacturers have also been able to significantly reduce water consumption.

Decora Jaya Indonesia understands the growing need for green products today, not just as a trademark for better sales but also for the better future of the Earth. Therefore we as a team are committed to developing a strong environmentally friendly policy within our company, through awareness and support for green products.